Sage Solutions

We are a Sage authorised solutions provider with clients across the UK.

Sadly these were all not very large businesses and many have shrunk, dissolved, been absorbed or merged.

Owners typically used our solutions to assist staff with tasks, but when that staff is let go, the need for some part of the solution is not needed, so many have cut back the modules they use.

This illustrates the flexibility of our solutions, it is not an all or nothing, if a module pulls its weight and more than justifies the cost, it is kept, if not it is ditched. A few have changed modules, which is another flexibility and a few have added modules at a discount as the overhead in dealing with them has been removed; i.e. their experience means they need less assistance and there are some common elements that are already installed for all modules that sames time and money; we pass on the savings.

We always encourage clients to begin with one module, to attack the biggest business problem causing them issues. This always obviously provides the biggest value. We find a wish list of 9 or 10 differing requests is solved by 1 or 2 modules, as they free up so much time, the other issues disappear, as they were time related and many infrequent.