In-house Skills

Over 50 years combined experience.

Xenix, PC, Linux, Windows CE Mobile, Android, Raspberry Pi, electronic control systems.

'C/C++' language, assembler, BASIC, Visual Basic, VB.Net, C#, Microsoft Office solutions (Access, Excel, Word), Oracle, SAP, Crystal Reports, PostScript, PDF, SVG, Windows and Linux, factory automation, engineering control technology, CNC, CAD and 3D printing, NodeJS, etc.

Application and web based technology; PHP 5/7, HTML5, 3D Open GL, Blender, Audio and Video, CSS3, Javascript, Apache, Nginx, 'C/C++' language CGI, MySQL MariaSQL SQLite 3, ImageMagik, InkScape, many libraries; Cairo, etc. and API's Met Office, Companies House, What3Words, Google, etc.

Documentation, testing, training, installation, systems analysis, authoring specifications.