We have been in the barcode industry - Automatic Identification (Auto ID) - for 30 years.

Our over 9,000 customers in the UK stretch to every city, to small islands furthest in all compass directions.

Our exports of software have been to 45+ countries, to single person up to $9 Billion turnover.

People in businesses rely on our solutions, every day; often provide the efficiency that makes business possible.

As a family owned and operated business; assets and skills have taken decades to develop and hone.

We are fiercely independent - ignoring all inducements, dubious practices; like price fixing, overselling, subtle bribery, etc., etc.

The playing field is far from level in good times. In corporate monopoly strangled tougher times, there is; high level corruption, lack of meritocracy, unprincipled manufacturers, carpetbagger cartels, etc., etc. Many valiant competitors, have given up the ghost, retired to silent business graveyard - sooner than justice would warrant; the optimistic soldier on. Their departing analysis is stark; the mercenary channel, it counts for naught; experience, knowledge, track record of decades, exceptional service, honesty, hard-work, fairness, faithfulness. We have spent many man-years in; helpfulness, contributing practical resources in the £ millions to startup businesses that; win Queen's Award for Exports. We play a small part in helping our customers directly in; overcoming critical obstacles, to provide energy, to begin exporting, defend our nation, heal the sick, punish wrongdoers, grow businesses, create masses of employment, etc.